"I have a dream that one day... the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood." (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., August 28, 1963)

"I have a dream." "I have a plan."
$22 bucks. No anonymity. 30 day money-back guarantee.
The plan: Virtual and actual "eat together" groups.
Simple, legal, fun, and it will work.
Are you with me? Let's do this!

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New visitor orientation: This website in a one minute nutshell.

"No matter what you think is wrong with the world... the solution is to eat together."

IDEAFARM.COM is a new for-profit enterprise that empowers by bringing people together, postal code by postal code, worldwide, to form virtual and actual "eat together" groups. Participants are not anonymous; each person is publicly identified by legal name and a portion (but not all) of a mailing address. Each participant is free to speak and will not be censored, but is accountable for his or her speech. Since there is no anonymity, each participant must arrange for his or her personal safety.

This is a community of leaders, people willing to lead openly, build real community openly, and speak Truth openly, while defending themselves and each other in a spirit of "all for one; one for all". New participants register for $22 USD and then pay a small monthly amount, currently 50 cents USD. Good behavior is enforced primarily by reputation and, when necessary, termination for cause, forfeiting the registration fee.

In a nutshell, IDEAFARM.COM is a place for real community and full freedom, which are possible only with full accountability.

Select your friends wisely; join us in the pleasant work of building real community.

Wo'O's Table (tm) subscribers are placed into email and chat contact, postal code by postal code, worldwide. We use the handout (above) to find the most unselfish, friendly, intelligent people. ("Many are called, but few are chosen.") We welcome EVERYONE. If you like our handout, please join us.

I am Wo'O Ideafarm. My role is to enable you to find each other and to awaken you to a new possibility for you personally, for your community, and for the world. For this, I am paid; this web site is my business. (Wo'O's Table, a sole proprietorship, is being used to organize IdeaFarm (tm) Operations, a nonprofit corporation.)


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Create "People Power" at Wo'O's Table, the best place to find new friends.

No one is going to GIVE you power. You must TAKE it. There are two kinds of power: (1) Power over one's own life (people power). (2) Power over others (government power). "People Power" only exists when unselfish men and women join together in real community to TAKE, DEFEND and ASSERT their power (over government). (IDEAFARM.COM is about forming real community, which very few people have ever experienced.)

In large cities, the typical response to the handout is, "Cool. Where's the free meal?" In small towns, the typical response is, "Great idea. Let's do this!" If your first thought was, "Where's the free meal?" , then you will never be empowered, because you don't have what it takes and you likely never will. I am looking for people who have what it takes, who are unselfish and willing to "lift a finger" to promote true People Power, a.k.a. "Liberty and Justice for All" !

Wo'O Ideafarm
IdeaFarm (tm) Operations

Pay reward to (email or code):

Note: A public subscriber roster will disclose your full name and a portion (but not all) of your mailing address. Please verify that PayPal displays your current mailing address.

Mission and approach: Be the best place to have a conversation.

Wo'O's Table is a community effort to create the best place to have a public conversation. It is said, "Life is a journey, not a destination". Join us in the pleasant work of creating real community as we participate to make Wo'O's Table a friendly, inclusive, and stimulating place to converse about anything. As we together build community here, Wo'O's Table will become...

We pursue this mission with the secondary goal of creating wholesome, honest paying work/business opportunities for anyone who is looking for work or who has given up looking for work.

The Wo'O's Table approach to being the best place to converse, and a work/business opportunity for everyone, is:

  1. No advertising: Revenue is from an up-front registration fee and a monthly subscription fee, with profits tied to value delivered.
  2. Accountability: A subscriber is accountable for each and every post.
  3. Everyone has a voice: An anonymous post appears as soon as a subscriber certifies it.
  4. Moral foundation: The community is built upon a nonreligious (but religion friendly) moral foundation.
  5. Ordered liberty: Any topic. Any viewpoint. Any words. No censorship. No disruptive behavior.
  6. Enforcement: Disruptive behavior is illegal and will result in warnings, subscription termination (without refund), and, in extreme cases, criminal prosecution.
  7. The up-front registration fee is used to pay out "rewards" (referral commissions).
  8. The up-front registration fee also incentivizes good behavior, since it will not be refunded if the subscription is terminated for cause.

Questions and Concerns

What do you do with my mailing address?

Your address is used, along with your name, to identify you as the person accountable for each of your posts. A portion, but not all, of your address is included in the public subscriber roster. Your mailing address will be verified, typically by mailing you a postcard that displays a verification code that you enter on a web page. Your mailing address is not used for marketing or for any purpose other than establishing your identity. It is not sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties, except on court order or in connection with a crime.

I don't want my identity revealed!

You can participate in Wo'O's Table Talk anonymously. But your posts will not appear until a subscriber "certifies" them. To fully participate, you must subscribe, which means that your true name and a portion (but not all) of your mailing address will be visible to others. Since each poster is responsible and accountable for his/her posts, censorship and moderation is not needed. Because of this accountability, you can speak on any topic, speak any opinion, and use any words.

It's scary. What if someone at work sees my posts?

There is an old saying: "A coward dies a thousand deaths; a hero dies but once." If your friends won't like you if they know your true thoughts, then perhaps you should get new friends. (This is a good place to do that.) If your employer will fire you or pass you over if he/she knows your true thoughts, you can either self-censor by saying only safe things, or you can get a job that does not oppress you like that. Recommendation: Subscribe, but keep yourself to safe subjects and noncontroverial statements until you get the feel of this place. As you get to know others here, gradually "let your hair down" so that we can get to know you. Hopefully, you will find this to be a very friendly and tolerant and inclusive space. If you have a bad experience, speak out against whatever negative behavior you encountered.

Where's the food?

Wo'O's Table facilitates face to face dinner table conversations as well as online virtual dinner table conversations. The Wo'O's Table Talk page of IDEAFARM.COM is an online place for virtual dinner table conversations. Subscribers are placed into email contact with each other, postal code by postal code, worldwide. (Your email address is only revealed to subscribers in your postal code or nearby.) Subscribers in each postal code are encouraged to form "eat together" groups. To make this easy, subscribers in each postal code receive a monthly email that puts them into contact with each other. Such groups can either meet informally or, if they conform to a few rules, can be licensed to use the "Wo'O's Table" trademark in promoting their activities. Wo'O's Table does not conduct background checks or supervise the groups; each person is responsible for his or her own safety.

Why should I PAY when there are so many FREE alternatives?

"You get what you pay for." "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch." ("TANSTAAFL") "I work hard. I work smart. But I don't work for free." "The true 'golden rule' is: 'He who has the gold makes the rules!'"

The so-called "free" social media platforms are so toxic mainly because they are working for advertisers, not for you. This is, for example, why they allow people to post anonymously, even though that lack of accountability invites bad behavior and forces them to censor what people say.

Wo'O's Table revenue comes from paid subscriptions, and a person whose identity is known is responsible for each and every post. Most of the initial registration fee (months one and two) is paid out as "rewards" (referral commissions). So our only source of revenue is from people who continue their subscriptions for more than two months. In other words, we only make money if you decide that Wo'O's Table is so good for you that you stay with us.

Wo'O's Table Talk is distinguished in that people are accountable for what they post, and there is no censorship. These two differences are the key ingredients that make Wo'O's Table Talk the best place to have a conversation!

Help wanted!

Within minutes of subscribing, you will receive a welcome email that contains a unique ID. You can immediately start earning "rewards" (referral commissions) by pasting links of the form https://ideafarm.com?1 into emails, social media posts, and web pages. (Replace the "1" with your ID.) Click on the preceding link and then inspect the PayPal button to see how your code will cause you to GET PAID! For you to be credited, the subscription must be purchased immediately after clicking on the link that you provide. (That will cause your ID to be placed into the "Pay reward to" box under the Subscribe button.)

Payout is weekly. You will be credited $5 immediately and an additional $15 when the subscriber pays for the second month. These are advances, which you will have to pay back if a refund is issued.

Referral Champion of the Month (June 2020): Wo'O Ideafarm (ID:1): This is a bonus program. When IDEAFARM.COM serves its home page in response to a request that does not specify a subscriber ID, the subscriber ID of the Referral Champion for the previous month is inserted. To be the Referral Champion for a month, you must be the subscriber who successfully refers the most people. The Referral Champion for a month also has an advantage in remaining the champion for the next month in that his/her code is used in the above example link.

No purchase is necessary; you can also earn "rewards" by replacing the "1" with your email address. You will need a PayPal account associated with that address to receive the payout. The two disadvantages of this method are that (1) your email address is disclosed in your link, and (2) your credit for each reward payment ($5 then $15) will be delayed 30 days.


I, Wo'O Ideafarm, am the sole proprietor of Wo'O's Table and also the incorporator of Ideafarm Operations, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation. Think of me as a morals teacher and as a "lawful revolutionary". I was raised as a Catholic, attending Sacred Heart Catholic School (Coronado, California) for grades 1-8. After graduating from Coronado High School, I attended San Diego State University for a year before transferring to UCLA on the suggestion of an SDSU mathematics teacher. I was a California State Scholar at UCLA and graduated with a B.A. Magna cum Laude in economics and a minor in mathematics. I worked full time at the RAND Corporation (Santa Monica, California) for 2/3 of a school year before moving to Chicago, Illinios to begin studies as a Ph.D. student in economics at the University of Chicago, where I was admitted as a Hillman Scholar.

Gary Becker, a Sloan Fellow and Nobel Prize holder, awarded me a Sloan Fellowship student stipend, which I received for three years. While there, I was also honored as the Economics Department's nominee for the campus-wide Danforth Fellowship. The faculty certified me as qualified as an expert in the specialty fields of Money and Banking (Ph.D.), Finance (Ph.D.), International Economics (A.M.). My primary advisor was Robert E. Lucas, Jr., also a Nobel Prize holder, for is work on "rational expectations". My dissertation research attacked (and debunked) Chicago School "monetary theory" by synthesizing rational expectations theory with the then newly emerging "Capital Asset Pricing Model". Unsurprisingly, this attack was not well received by my professors.

The title of my Ph.D. dissertation is "The Determination of Prices in an Overlapping Generations Imaginary Economy with Producible and Nonproducible Capital." Although my thesis proposal was never approved, I eventually, in 1992, completed the research, but it has never been published. (One of my goals in life is to find some time to recover that research and then publish it.) I hold an A.M. in social science from the University of Chicago, as well as a "Ph.D. Lite" in mathematical economics (ABD status).

As I studied for my field exams, I began to question "Chicago School" economics. Passing the Money and Banking exam was particularly challenging, because I had come to the conclusion that Money and Banking theory was nonsense. (I was right, and this insight was the genesis of my thesis research.) Today, 30 years later, I still see myself as a thoroughly "Chicago School" economist, but I have become radicalized in my views on "political economy". I now devote myself full time to working for social change to empower ordinary people in the United States of America and worldwide. In my opinion, the economy is a worldwide slave system, notwithstanding the appearance of democracy and civil rights in the West. The root problem is that the human mind is "programmable", and the political economic system has evolved into a system that overwhelms us with propoganda, with the effect that we are nothing more than a "cash crop". The propganda brainwashes us, with the effect that our votes are controlled by "Big Money" and we have become confused about the nature of both society and ourselves (gender, sexuality, family, race, etc.)

The key to restoring power to ordinary people is to teach morals, to organize real community, and to promote popular understanding of how our political economic system really works. This includes having a correct understanding of gender, sexuality, and the importance of the family unit as the foundation of a free society of empowered people. That is why I ask you to join us in the Wo'O's Table community. It is also what I have to offer you here.

Although I have other, related, projects, Wo'O's Table is my main project and is the foundation for Ideafarm Operations and for all of my other projects. My ultimate goal is the launch of IdeaFarm (tm) City, Federal Constitutional Protectorate of the United States of America. IdeaFarm (tm) City, formally created by declaration in 1999, is in theory a sovereign "micronation" that exists in cyberspace and is a place where ordinary people can interact beyond the reach of territorial government jurisdiction. IdeaFarm (tm) City is my ultimate plan for empowering ordinary people. My legal name, changed in 1999, is a symbol of my commitment to the launch of IdeaFarm (tm) City.

I am one of the most experienced C++ software developers alive. I wrote all of the one half million lines of IdeaFarm (tm) Piggyback Distributed Operating System (IPDOS (tm)), a general purpose software development and deployment environment for the C++ language. Think of IPDOS (tm) as our "weapon of mass CONstruction". IPDOS (tm) served this web page to you and handles all of the data processing for Wo'O's Table.

To sum up, think of me as the product of combining three influences:

  1. Ph.D. Lite, economics, University of Chicago
  2. Independent C++ software developer, author of IPDOS (tm)
  3. Follower of Jesus, raised and taught by Benedictine and Dominican (Catholic) sisters and priests.

Be my student, and I will empower you by teaching you all that I can. Come, eat with us, and I will show you how to find real friendship and real community and real power.

Click here to download the handout. Click here to download the Articles of Incorporation. Click here to view the proprietary open source software that we use.